Sunday, November 14, 2010

New couches are on their way...

Yes, I'm this much of a geek!  I have taped off the area where the couches will go.  I'll make sure to post a picture once they arrive.  Super Excited!!!!

And here are the new couches...


  1. Okay - you should know some things about this room. First, I made the curtains using tablecloths I found at Pottery Barn. Loved the fabric so I purchased 16 tablecloths (had to call stores all over the United States to get that many) and made them into what you see now. The trim was purchased at JoAnn's. The giant birdcage was also purchased at Pottery Barn (but it has been spray painted a brushed bronze color to coordinate with the room). Rug is another Pottery Barn find - absolutely LOVE these colors. The fireplace screen and matching wall sconces are Southern Living @ Home finds - they have been spray painted the same color as the bird cage.

    I have painted the walls & ceiling and had crown moulding installed. The carpeting has also been replaced from an awful white to a beautiful gold color. I'm searching for a "before" picture - wish you could see how far this room has come!

  2. Still don't know what to put above the fireplace - been looking for something but just haven't found the right piece. Any ideas?

  3. I LOVE that you taped off!! I must be a geek too! ;) As for above the fireplace are you thinking, mirror-photo or something unique?

  4. I'd love to have a large mirror there, but I already have one in my entryway - thinking some unique piece of art may be the way to go. I've been looking for a year now...I did find one painting that I loved, but it was $3,500 - not quite ready to drop that kind of cash on art yet! :-)