Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The UnGlamourous Side Of Christmas Decorating...

Each year I am excited to take down all of the Christmas decor, and once it is down I realize just how MUCH decor I have - Yikes!  I have a tradition of purchasing my new holiday decor when it is on clearance the day AFTER any given holiday.  I save money while also getting the thrill of discovering the new items when it is time to decorate (cause you know I've forgotten what I have purchased).  My husband snapped this shot of my pre-decorating process - the sorting and placing - not necessarily the glamourous side of the holiday.  Thanks honey...  :-).


  1. Oh i dont think thats bad at all! I buy the day after as well... and its fun to uncover the goodies the next year. By Dec 26th I am ready for all the decor to go bye bye!

  2. I was "scolded" by many friends for putting away all of my Christmas decor the day after the holiday. They told me a good Catholic would know I should leave the decorations up until Jan 1. Really?! Christmas decor has now defined my belief? Oh brother...